Treasure House

Harold & Shirley Chapman

Gained by your own efforts take what is given, a great amount or quantity of money and property, full control of things to be done by your family, large acreage of land and estate, and control of the tithe transferring accumulated or stored Kingdom Family wealth producing prosperous conditions promised to all the people living in the United States of America.

Each family member is entitled to any of the various benefits provided under certain Treasure House programs, financial help for bodily needs, formal schooling at an institution of learning, a skill or ability gained by learning proficiency that comes from training, human beings living together in a situation in which their dealings with one another affect their common welfare.

Bound by a promise to meet all of your needs remain in this manner of living, kept from harm, damage, or evil, supplied with an illustrious means of living, property owned as stocks or bonds, supported, maintained, and justified by the Word of God in Pagosa Springs, Colorado where the family lives in a high economic status in society, persons of celebrity having a good name, fame, and distinction.

The condition in which the entire Chapman family is kept by the Power of God, active members of the corporation paid for work done at regular intervals with other compensation given to make up for loss as the family's livelihood, staying in the same city turning out to be as hoped for, satisfying expectations, having enough of everything in excellent working order free from disease, pain, or defect.

Develop gradually by a process of growth and change into the administering of justice that is fair or equitable transferring human rights, entertaining persons at your home while carrying the weight of building the business, taking upon yourselves the obligation, accountability, dependability now in force and effect, a successful family reached by grants of money maintaining or providing for the corporation, and serving as a ground for absolutely confident you are given the entire quantity of money and property exactly as promised.

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