Treasure House

The Eighth Day

22 February, 2018

Willing to be guided by my word, the obedience insisted upon and called for as necessary before any of the specialized things to be done can go into action or be at work completing or finishing my promises, the Chapman Family has met.

This calendar year near the beginning of the season between winter and summer succeed in reaching greater height given by me an extraordinarily great amount of money, a line of ancestry common to the family of God, and a social way of life contributing to luxury, worthy of high praise, owning much money and property sufficient to satisfy.

Unite again bringing the family together in Pagosa Springs, Colorado and as soon as possible put into active operation transmitting by music my knowledge of what is true or right over every portion of the earth's surface for growth, implanting knowledge of life, scattering far and wide the nation’s policy of peace, and communicating with the family my love.

I stop doing the permanent ending of all human life as a means of destroying the descendants of the first man and woman lasting without change stopping forever destroying my special duty of giving life in human beings.

In the United States of America preventing all from reaching the end for which the human mind and body was predetermined as inevitable interrupting the course of dying for the period of time I remain in existence standing in the way as a barrier that separates and keeps apart death from life continuing to put as much life as possible into all bodies preventing death’s movement into or through, the family name fixing in place my peace and securing firmly my love for the Kingdom Family.

Life, Peace, and Love

The Potentate

Restore Health

The Resurrection

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