Treasure House

The Will

23 February, 2018

The reason for which my New Covenant is to be carried out during this calendar year is that the portion of the year assigned to doing the work of cultivating the soil and producing crops when a pleasurable heat prevails is the time in which the Chapman family’s new life begins to grow in great abundance and improve physically with great speed.

At its peak money and property has been given and in its prime building up the business is taking place, and with circumstances favorable for your purpose at its best all written agreements are doing the promises of God and giving all that is due without delay.

Accept a not yet settled sum of money for payment of lands and movable personal property, any kind of goods that a store has to sell, and anything made of cloth, through your good works God's will for the human race on Earth is finished.

Life, Peace, and Love

Spring Time in America

The Sending

The Justice of Peace

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