Treasure House

Gift of Marriage

19 February, 2018

The human heart that I unite as in married life to the human mind of an adult man or woman brings a deeply honest, very sincere mutual understanding or knowledge of a seemingly destined method of proceeding through life toward a successful person’s prosperous conditions in the years ahead.

The mental power to do what you intend is given to each member of the Chapman family for the learning or doing of any end to be achieved no matter what realm of knowledge, special work, or opportunity, a sharply defined path in life to be followed of a great extent not limited.

Change from being uninterested in obtaining formal schooling at an institution of learning being happy enough with what one has or is, accepting being of no consequence or importance in place of what is hoped for. Begin to show signs of activity setting in motion having the mind or attention firmly directed or fixed on whatever is necessary or useful to achieve training and developing of your mind to see things in an awareness of your own never existing before ability to learn in the early stage of your new life.

Life, Peace, and Love

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