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Gift of Love

21 February, 2018

The Doctrine of Peace website containing much knowledge in printed form is a permanent account that establishes Harold L. Chapman as my Beloved Son. I lay it open to be read by all removing my covering and I make it known to all believers by divine means. This written order grants my special permission for his face to be seen by both those having confidence or faith in the truth of my word and by those no longer seen, heard, or known by me.

I gave authorization for my word to hand down by inheritance the Seed of Life, all having a religious faith being informed by a relative having died of their chance to pass over from life to life, inspired communication passed by speech to give a bodily form to everlasting life in the body of a living being.

His external human appearance I present to the mind of everything that breathe as the sovereign invisible spirit of the Son of Life, his Principles of Life directs away from the United States of America any strong, fast-moving, or destructive natural current of air, anything resembling an upward rotary of exceptional violence, and takes away local storms, lightning, thunder, tropical cyclones, and all others bad weather caused by disturbances of the atmosphere.

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