Treasure House

The Name of Peace

15 February, 2018

The entire Chapman family with continuous being live in the Promised Land in full possession of everlasting life presented as my gift in the air taken into your lungs, and at this moment in time the name of Peace is given to show that you are cherished with my great affection.

Your very long journey back to me I put in words in the Book of Life to make a permanent or official record for reading by all, written in a connected series of names by which Harold L. Chapman will be known, called, or spoken of.

My pledge is given to each of you that my Power will guard, protect, and defend you from physical harm, injurious acts, any offense against your person, loss in value inflicted on the business and anything else that causes pain or discomfort, unfavorable situations or circumstances, injury to reputation, or being deprived of anything having a monetary value giving all of you reason for declaring openly your purpose.

The duration of time it takes to restore the planet earth to a delightful place enjoyed by all in a state of perfect happiness as one nation under God is the time you must remain in my active operation and use standing in a family relationship with me displaying these similarities, ease of manner, graceful and dignified calmness, relying and depending upon the family name of Peace, having the same surname, dwelling under one upper covering, living together in Pagosa Springs, Colorado in a body suitable for royal persons.

The Chapman Family upon whom esteem and pride, privilege and pleasure, and special recognition is now given, a gift long-continuing and unchanging introducing your transition from a period of decline, dreariness, and adversity to a very long time of growth, development, fulfillment, and perfection in Peace with God.

Life, Peace, and Love

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