Treasure House

Gift of Miracles

16 February, 2018

Harold L. Chapman to make the King much talked about, widely known, and a well-publicized man of eminent courage your flesh as opposed to my spirit and your body as opposed to my mind being visible will be seen by everything that breathe as an immortal human being having the same special powers over the lives and affairs of all existing things and the course of nature as I do.

Our unity of mind, feeling, and purpose being exactly alike sets you apart from all others resulting from our being one in spirit and in a unified whole body that our likeness in power, force, and Principles of Life control, direct, and govern the physical universe.

My ordered, ordained, and enacted way of doing important happenings or occurrences that can be seen by the eye, instantly noticeable, existing in fact and action is your active use of  my power resulting from being prompted by my wisdom, based on my knowledge, experience, and understanding.

Now having actual being and taking place through my power to raise and advance you to a higher degree of greatness and to help bring about or further the growth or establishment of change throughout the world is at work calling forth events or actions that contradicts known scientific laws, Acts of God and Orders of the King interfering in the affairs of human beings by the immediate exercise of my power working miracles.

 Life, Peace, and Love

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