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Restore Health

Our Father, in the body of living beings create in the mind as a conclusion a visible sign of being highest in power and authority, beyond which there is no other, coming after all others, and decisively final. The aspect of consciousness serving to stimulate sense perception of internal bodily changes, the power of God an active force carrying into effect the overall reaction touching and joining by strong affection and loyalty principles and counsel between the mind and body.

The physical condition of one showing the way indicating a specific course over which health is sent permitting the flow from person to person spreading a mental state exciting completely identical feelings in others. Any disordered or unwholesome condition causing disease and making unhealthy bring into contact with the power of a living mind functional in ancestral forms indicating a thought, desire, and command.

A species intimate and beloved the people of the United States of America knowing with certainty the existence of only one God and Father. A statement of witnesses wonderful and amazing occurrences cause by direct intervention and immediate exercise of divine power working miracles relating to body injuries marring the appearance, disfiguring marks or blemishes, or any abnormally shaped part of the body. Diseased conditions treat by operative procedures without instruments doing the will of all making changes as proof of authenticity performing and fulfilling all requests.

A means of communication fully revealing truth concerning God in his relations to mankind, a mental grasping of power, improvising, inventing, managing, and guiding through a maze. A proper route of communication putting a request through channels, happening, occurring, and changing causing the transition from death to life producing by the mind, the senses, and the feelings a material change in the human body, man or women, a figure of wisdom.

Prince of Peace

Exist in the body of all human beings continuing to live having existence, truth, and actuality, the ruler of life and the universe extending over all and consisting wholly of one piece, remaining whole, unchanged, and undamaged recovering sound health to all. Physical and mental freedom from defect and disease, a condition of body and mind possessing great strength and endurance having the same God and Father, a whole brother or sister the outward appearance of the soul and mind.

A primary source of the final judgment directing according to indisputable principles, apprehending by the senses as the focus and center of thought a procedure correcting deformities of the skeletal system.

Within the body performing without instruments restoring breaks and deficient parts and removing conditions of ill health and malfunctioning. Symptoms causing disease making unhealthy, injury to the body of human beings impairing physically, and mental suffering interfering with comfort giving out a feeling of pain.

A mental and physical natural power and ability, a thinking mind yielding obedience to the guidance of a living soul, related and connected, the principle of interdependence just, honest, and directly above, situated and working above the level of one�s head.



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