Treasure House

The Potentate

Our Father, not at all, not in any wise, not any, not one more killed or physically hurt by any unpleasant or unfortunate occurrence involving injury, loss, or death, a soldier killed, wounded, captured, or otherwise lost through combat action, anything occurring unexpectedly or without known cause fatal or serious.

Hostile acts, war or acts of war come to the termination of existence departing in another direction, the past separating from the present and future out of thought, use, and existence at once without hesitation.

Remove from the mind, looming above, dominating, and throwing a shadow over the memory, an agreement that has lapsed having no force to urge irresistibly as an organized system of principles. The negative or opposing side producing no utility for a purpose, taking out written or printed matter marking out or off rendering null and void, annulling, withdrawing, and calling off, destroying the validity emptying and removing discharging and ejecting from the bowels as body waste. Prohibit the activities keeping under restraint and control, repressing fears and bodily reactions stopping suddenly the progress preventing the doing or completion.

Peace and Love

Leave off and discontinue, stopping and ceasing the permanent cessation of all vital functions in all living human beings intercepting in transit as a letter preventing from reaching the destination, interrupting the course, impeding movement through a passage by standing in the way hindering and obstructing.

A barrier that separates and keeps apart built for defense, an obstruction blocking the passage across half of a circle drawn between death and life. Fill the United States of America within all bodies preventing movement into or through, fixing in place, securing firmly, and founding in truth. Rising without deception, fair and square penetrating to a deep place, thoughts and feelings, possessing the power of good practical judgment and common sense individuals collectively making up a single body.

Life, Peace, and Love

Our Father Lives

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