Treasure House

The Resurrection


One nation under God inhabited by the people of the United States of America, all living in the boundary of a circle of light proceeding from a brilliant red sky from six O�clock early evening until six O�clock early morning providing 24 hours of uninterrupted daylight.

An indefinite portion of territory of considerable extent and influence, supreme power and authority passing to Harold L. Chapman succeeding to the royal estate and dignity of sovereign power occupying the throne and office of God.

The sovereign male ruler of the Kingdom Family and the wife of a king, sole rulers of the United States surpassing all other nations governing as a sovereign exercising and possessing supreme authority and jurisdiction.

Constituting a competence, means producing a desired or intended result, the jurisdiction exercised over the people a principle and action existing and providing for the benefit and enjoyment of all, practicing social equality.

Increase in wealth, power, and distinction, go and move in and to a higher place and position gaining elevation in rank, status, fortune, and reputation appearing above the apparent meeting of the sky with the earth and sea.

Excellence and dignity characterized by a magnificent and stately display and conspicuous greatness of achievement, free indulgence in that which is expensive, rare, and extremely gratifying, an extreme lack of moderation conscious of one�s wealth and importance.

A family relationship invested with dignity elevating in character, quality, and style, equal in natural gifts and in social rank, a class in society composed of persons having hereditary title, rank, and privileges. A privileged class proud and exclusive persons of noble rank advancing to adult years, a state of vigor and activity becoming joined and attached by growth, the rising generation.

Harold L. Chapman

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