Treasure House

Relief of Oppressive Devices

Order the design and construction of the original speculative idea of how building the temporary headquarters facilities must be done bringing together the different facts or figures continuing development involving many changes.

On the property granted celebrate the beginning of the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., on its annual recurring date acknowledging new Kingdom Family memberships and including friends and persons employed enjoying the company of all the people living in the city gathered for amusement and entertainment.

Because of common community of interest bring together in common cause a small body of Directors worthy of the high standards of their profession and through their good work furnish aid and support to the people of United States of America freeing wholly the impoverished from injustices, ridding the human race of all oppressive devices such as utilities, debts, insurance, interest, and credit, giving help or relief to all in distressing or difficult situations.

Life, Peace, and Love



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