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Regain former status make a comeback, being thought about and discussed appearing again as a moral, social, and political influence, exhibiting action, causing and promoting change, and arousing curiosity and attentiveness bearing legal and financial right, claim, and share in a business, busy and productive designating a voice.

Come before the public everyday experiencing joy displaying a quality characterized by a feeling of satisfaction, joyous and contented continuing to produce and serving a use or purpose, a living being saving a life.

Introduce into the mind awareness of oneself and one's surroundings exerting influence moving and working efficiently being in operation concerned with practical work, mechanical or manual, a skilled worker again renewing in the mind recalling and recognizing previously learned behavior and past experience.

Create anything with exchangeable value giving forth as a result of physical or manual work, improvement or development through study, effort generating an appropriate result producing again.

Undertaking any work proceeding from the will or one's own free choice, active engagement in projects displaying information and understanding acquired through experience, practical ability and skill producing profits or increase.

Accomplishing what is attempted, planning and proposing, being successful, earning a living and assuming new vigor. Freeing from lack by coming back into use becoming effective and operative again manifesting signs of life in the later stages.

Assisting in some action or change overstepping the usual bounds, an influence giving vigor and energy. A quality of spirit desiring with expectation of fulfillment, strength of mind in the face of adversity, and patient courage working in behalf advocating activity, seeking to make a commercial product or business venture popular and successful.

Provoke greater endeavors, control the work, manage and conduct the affairs, and direct the work done in economic production, the working class collectively turning over mentally the organization and operating principles. The human machine behaving with machinelike precision regularly engaged, taking action, keeping in motion, carrying out a purpose or function without putting off to a future time.

Doing, achieving, drawing and preparing preliminary plans, a general impression of a work or study to be completed. A systematic arrangement in the mind a mental image creating a visual pattern of ultimate or immediate aims and goals, effecting and attaining.

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