Treasure House


Destine for a purpose have in mind intent bringing in from an outside source a family relationship, using a new technique taking in and embracing the principle and power of nature. A purpose definite, unalterable, and permanent, courage unshaken by fear displaying grace and refinement, strength of mind putting in order and setting to rights.

The profession of Harold L. Chapman and a body of officers and administrative officials transferring ownership of land, man and nature, doing without conditions or qualifications ending all questions, uncertainty and dispute.

Incapable of being called into question and cannot be wrong in action, a settlement house worthy, proper, and right affording possibility and opportunity to all, confirming the enactment of rewards, and glorifying and honoring the Father.

A corporate body acting as a single unit organized to perform accepting and executing trusts, managing money and property having responsibility and control, handing over the care, safekeeping, and performance of the family to the Kingdom Family Treasure House.

A document having its own name and identity distinct to its family members specifying its privileges and purposes granting special rights, encouragement in starting a career, and yielding to request, a system of rapid delivery.

Peace and Love

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