Treasure House


Extraordinary power to take action and make final decisions given as a piece of work demanded of Wanda M. Chapman holding the office of Executive Director of Administration regarded by the Father as a person with a high ability to learn or understand, to acquire and retain knowledge, and to respond quickly and effectively to new situations using those faculties of reason in solving problems.

Placed higher up over all decisions reached or given by her father to achieve or accomplish all things planned or attempted by the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., with both fathers complete trust, confidence, or reliance.

Given a pleasing nature and knowing her time and place of starting a very long time replying to all that is asked of her by thing done causing others to partake of and share in all family rights and privileges, incorporating a belief in her purpose and being prepared to arrange and plan a series of continuous actions distributing to members a proper share of the family’s treasure affecting all alike.


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