Treasure House


Any adult male, female, or the offspring of human parents boy or girl is the body of the Trinity, and any group of human beings acting as one body not favoring one above the other is one divine being, the union in one God and Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The official governing body of the United States of America its own people belonging to life equal members of the same family.

Cheerful givers acclaiming with gladness and gaiety uttering public announcements of encouragement and approval. Full of motion and good spirit displaying inherent power producing in a happy and carefree manner, lively and self-confident both bodily and mental, quick in thought and action.

Act for oneself not in bondage of any kind, return to life and new health come into the Kingdom Family of God, a healthful connection between Father and son or daughter renewing the mind.

Individual Life, family members transferring oneself to Love, a course over which Peace is sent, one mind enjoying in common. A body having power making a formal claim as one's right and due to be treated with standards of good society, consideration, appreciation of worth, honor and esteem.

Trust in Harold L. Chapman and the Kingdom Family Treasure House relying upon an obligation of faithfulness to duties and the binding power of a solemn promise to God to tell only what is true, sincerity and fairness managing the affairs of the Kingdom Family of God.

Peace and Love

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