Treasure House


Powers pertaining to the mind and intellect receive and maintain in use giving knowledge prevailing over all purposes governing by actual use. A connecting succession of actions through experience, a pledge of faith an interconnecting system of overlapping membership, promising to join giving reason for expecting showing and embodying anticipation.

Making provisions a look directly toward something distant knowing through a direct awareness of the operations of God actual circumstances and conditions executing and performing supplying fully all desires, expectations and needs giving pleasure and satisfaction to all.

The beginning of a period of time answering the inquiry causing others to partake of and share in the most recent fitness of mind and body for performance. A portion of time carrying its evidence or proof in itself, timely knowledge a service providing the scope of God's power protecting and guaranteeing life and property officially granting beyond doubt rights and privileges.

Presenting as a gift putting into a practical use a source of energy charting the course placing a system of honesty of purpose in the care and trust of the Kingdom Family. Completely incorporating the power of God leading in the community obtaining nourishment and providing support, forming by combining the elements of a class into a belief of one purpose.

Learning with certainty finding out by investigation, a statement dealing primarily with the purpose and scope of the work serving as preparation, giving an advance indication, and arranging and planning beforehand. A communication in writing with divine inspiration speaking as a medium between God and man, advance examination and discussion resulting of the circulation and use of the Doctrine of Peace into which all knowledge pertain to, include, and affect all.

The Kingdom Family requesting sending its call asking for earnestly seeking and obtaining by acceptance of the truth, maintaining the peace for permanent use holding one's head high. Dividing and leaving no remainder an essential requisite of life supplying what is lacking making easy one's path. God's power belonging to the immediate present a unity lacking nothing including everyone taking happiness giving for a service membership an equivalent reward.

A series of continuous actions distributing to members of God's family a gift, a proper share of money evenly balancing, affecting and sharing by all alike. A sum of money accumulating for the maintenance of community life characterized by a high level of intellectual, social, and cultural developments. All people of the United States of America reaching this stage, the cultural development of the Kingdom Family of God organizing and performing in education and research aiding those in need, brotherly love the condition of enjoying civil liberty.


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