Treasure House


Harold L. Chapman is authorized to apply to his given purpose all that he has just claim to, desirable beneficial conditions surrounding him with exemption or freedom from everything unpleasant and protection against disease resisting infection granted to the entire Chapman family.

God’s truth seen in a public or open manner to form an opinion or judgment about their being safe and secure financially, having a sense and understanding of their great respect given, received, and enjoyed, personal feeling of triumphant joy or pride, a gathering together of a majority of ordinary people, and possession of the maximum of real and personal property.

Provide the means for the carrying out of the New Covenant giving whatever is essential or that can be used to their advantage through the Love of God treating them different from others, fulfilling all of their needs, expectations, wishes, or desires, and giving their choice of all material objects and property, a great abundance of everything of great price or value by an immediate exercise of divine power working miracles.

Spread on not lacking any part of their body the anointing Oil of Gladness stirring strong feelings of liveliness exciting them to purpose and dedicating to use the family flag directing attention to the Family of God acknowledging the validity of the true, first, line of descent from Life.

Life, Peace and Love

Treasure & Treasurer

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