Treasure House

Treasure & Treasurer

Maintain control over money, goods, and lands possessing property and wealth greater than such as occurs in the ordinary course of events, repeatedly sharing equally by all the family. Cause to come about and gather together the greatest possible quantity ever touched or grasped, greater than any official written account serving as a memorial and authentic evidence.

A celebration in dollars all necessary and desirable lacking nothing, free from restriction, unlimited and unconditional, obtain by asking and present as a gift overflowing the Kingdom Family Treasure House.

A massive combination of interrelated parts doing work a human machine large and imposing, cover and protect the foundation an occupation amassing and piling up wealth and possessions for the Family of God in the form of money, jewels, and precious metals.

Deposit for safekeeping making available and producing when expected and due, accumulating and using a gift from our Father. Given over for care and performance entrusting with a duty and responsibility, charge of dollars making financially liable and conferring authority and power to the Kingdom Family Treasure House a position of trust in society readily available as a source of family income.

Peace and Love

The Business of Banking

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