Treasure House

Restoration & Recovery

Move toward perfecting your assigned ability to perform anything done just and honest favoring no one side or party more than another, and without prejudice or bias arrange beforehand methods of giving back a chance to advance oneself that has been taken away for those deprived of a decent standard of living, adequate education, and economic security through poverty or discrimination keeping them from enjoying the prosperous condition, good fortune, wealth, and success of the United States of America.

Make suitable returns to counteract or make allowance for our nation’s lack of doing what is morally right adjusting to changing circumstances, planning and carrying out changing from wrong to right principles, plans, or course of action that is fair and equitable, and in the earliest stages of building the corporation employ a number of people chosen for excellence providing work and pay in functions favoring putting a stop to abuses or malpractices by introducing better procedures.

Life, Peace, and Love

Community Development


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