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The family connection is a united group asserting ownership and title to a common Father having the same family name existing from the people of other civilized nations of ancient times, of great age. A succession of persons arranged according to sequence in time, the royal line of ancestral history tracing it back from a father and mother, a family certificate showing ownership of an equitable part to enjoy in common kept for use in time now occurring.

Successive steps in a natural descent, live together, connect, become greater in number, and accumulate property real, movable, and temporary articles possessing, owning, and harvesting as produce the growth and abundance of the land regaining control fitting together as of the parts of a machine of persons.

The entire body of human beings living in the United States of America living together in uninterrupted ability, competence and skill, equally distributing chances for success. A proportionate and proper share, the equality of influence and importance bringing to a balance ability and capacity exercising principles of right.

Live in a society with all people faring well and reaching a high degree of worldly prosperity, thriving in material well-being, living in communities affecting and sharing by all alike producing pay back in full.

Agree with each other changing attitude and point of view maintaining an erect position on one's feet, social standing coming together, connecting, and uniting through the relationship of kinsman. A united people fellow members of the Kingdom Family sharing in fellowship with others incorporating into one close connection a belief in one God and Father of us all, an interlocking pattern for strength.

Stick together attached and devoted to a union, an alliance of persons, a contract between sovereigns to blend by imperceptible degrees the United States of America in which immigrants of various racial and cultural backgrounds are taken in combining and merging as one body.

Mix and unite together associating for a purpose uniting in pursuit of commercial and political ends proceeding from life, peace, and love, a human machine that gathers the fruits separating the harvested seeds from that of no value and comparatively worthless.

Gather and collect the mature product of America, spreading abroad sowing knowledge, scattering the seed of trust over land, instilling in the mind new ideas, implanting for growth a mark of honor, harmonizing of varying components into one nation furthering the union of all people.

Possess in union with all people reconcile and settle differences, fashioning communities on a foundation of mutual liking valuing greatly, concentrating on one particular activity engaging in a specialty adapting for the conveyance of property.

Peace and Love

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