Treasure House

Pursuit of Purpose

Show the need for being highly fit for an occupation by being very skillful, highly trained and informed in the field of business, and be the reason, motive, or ground for the working class increasing their earnings by their own efforts or actions.

Accepting the conventional ways derived from known facts encourage all to pursue a trade as a lifework having in mind as a plan being a small business owner that they strive to gain through an institution of higher learning that grants degrees after a four-year or two-year course to use as a medium of exchange equal to the money required for daily life.

Their natural gifts providing money sufficient for their needs that comes from training fitting them for putting into effect plans, projects, or working programs, managing the administrative affairs, or responsible for the management of their own business, a high state of attainment in some technical ability provided with financial assistance that stimulates them to take action.

Life, Peace, and Love

Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge

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