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Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge

Belonging exclusively to the Family of God physical and mental peculiarities closely resembling nature. An outward appearance of a mental image, a material change of that which resembles and embodies another person, the face producing from life a vivid word description of the body. A likeness reproduced in more permanent material putting into visible form producing an image thrown by reflection, passage from spirit to the material world making a visible likeness of God.

Actual life, the body of a human being possessing ability set in a course deciding and determining, active power of the mind grasping ideas and relations exercising reason free from influencing or affecting unfairly. Rational judgment mental power obtaining by one's own endeavor, maintaining in use, applying in action, performing repeatedly acquiring training, carrying forth knowledge adapting to new situations and collecting information.

A natural ability for special people and a denomination of money for comfortable living, attainment of knowledge, becoming skillful as the result of training and experience in a specialized field accomplishing ideas kept before the mind producing by the authority of God causing a material change.

For permanent use grasping mentally and understanding fully, embracing the combination of the basic nature and distinguishing features, individualizing characteristics and distinctive qualities mastering a craft or technique.

Be aware of one's own existence internally known mental life, knowledge and understand having actual existence physically perceptible and objectively real, obtaining conditions favoring success, developing an increase earning a living, giving in return a measure of value used as payment for goods and services and for settlement of debts.

A logical conclusion and physical consequence movement in a certain direction, a peculiar course of study giving direction, a regular course of instruction leading to an academic title producing a concept in the mind. A practical grasping through instruction, acquiring knowledge, providing facts, and possessing the power of understanding through experience.

Proficiency or technical ability forcing a way into affecting sharply and deeply, writing down and spreading itself throughout perceiving the meaning producing motion and change, reaching to, arising from, and affecting the depth of one's nature, the mind and emotions. A clear distinction, possessing wisdom, sound judgment and knowledge learning by study, the cumulative culture of the human race.

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