Treasure House A Promissory Note

Singled out and set apart from others in South Fork, Colorado being protected by the Power of God, make a gift of his power by giving the whole amount of promised money to the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., a non-profit corporation made into law by Harold L. Chapman holding in his mind the heaviness of his purpose nevertheless agreeing to take on the responsibilities for everything he has to do turning to his Infinite Mind to make changing the external conditions affecting all living beings easier and better.

The starting point all divine power and authority received from the Father and passed on by his first born has been inherited as his birth right paying for anything that can be seen or touched with its proper equivalent in money, anything whatever of the real or physical world desired by him present as a gift.

His natural ability perfected to the highest degree, relying on his own unaided great ability to do all written in the Master Plans, prepared and equipped to be used immediately move forward in Pagosa Springs, Colorado anything intended or planned with his special end in view, and in a speedy manner, progressing swiftly the time being now acquire the places of residence under consideration belonging to the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., the First Act of God overstepping the usual financial bounds to carry forward the occupation of constructing the business.

Life, Peace, and Love

©Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.