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Make a strong influence in opinion fixed deeply on the mind of the American people because of a moral character raised in dignity, free from lacking elegance of language, good taste, or emotional maturity, music that is the language of the Kingdom Family having grace and beauty of expression tending to persuade.

An established practice governing the music industry by Eric W. Chapman, the Executive Director of Arts and Sciences who is favored by God to direct the affairs of an industry that has definite individual existence outside and within the corporation, authorized by law, existing independently being instituted to form a recognizable group of person skilled in music, professional performers, composers, or conductors for the creation, production, or performance of music, the art of writing, the creation of musical works, and a group artist that sings professionally expressing by voice the lyrics of life, peace, and love.

Guide the operation in an interval of time marked by radical changes and dealing with various social problems, the music of the Peace Label standing alone arranging for on a large scale in radio, television, and advertisement this demanding project of major importance controlling the production, price, management and profits of the music business.

Life, Peace, and Love

The Music of Life

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