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An arrangement of words a commencement introducing the Supreme Being, the ruler of life and the universe yielding obedience to God the supreme power and authority. Accomplishing his purpose the transmission of that which is conceived in the mind providing facts by delivering a set communication in writing to the people of the United States of America expressing in letters among members of the chosen people of God.

All human being physically present in America have in common life, love, and peace said of Doctrine of Peace, truth, fairness, and honesty fashioning and shaping anew the mind. Restoring the family to natural balance regaining health, covering again, and coming back to life, new and different changing the character, nature, and condition on the way to see again a common Father.

Remain firm and resolute in relation connected by common ancestry making way for the enactment of the kingdom, a course of life beginning with eight days of celebration in honor of the elder son of God, an occasion for rejoicing and feasting. Social behavior prevailing in a group of friends companions, partners, and colleagues changing and exchanging giving and obtaining the equivalent.

Delivering and distributing, liberating and releasing, transferring and handing over, calling and naming, bearing and embodying purpose and intention in combination.

Love serving to distinguish the Kingdom Family of God, a system of community life capable of being understood only in relation to Father and sons or daughters having a name of Peace the likeness of the Father holding a seat on the right hand of God.

Peace and Love

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