Treasure House


Become greater in numbers having actual being not under the authority or control of or owing allegiance to another system of government, free from the influence, control, or determination of others, and not relying on some larger system for support or aid.

America’s wealthy people having achieved a higher or better state in life the most important work of your life at this moment is discovery of your power to affect the fate others less fortunate because of your wealth, and to give jointly with others to the important work of the Kingdom Family Treasure House Foundation established to finance projects of a social, educational, charitable nature by making a grant of the material value of your personal foundation to provide the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., with money.

The special performance required of the rich essential to the continuance of the corporation’s work and obligatory as a condition before performing the course of actions that cannot be neglected as guided by special divine influence from within your heart.

Life, Peace and Love


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