Treasure House

Affairs of Elders

Harold L. Chapman thrust out your hand into future years from a place considerably above all others causing your voice to be heard clearly and at a distance taking control of the Office of Father and doing any action relating to a father to which you are appointed and assigned.

The name of Peace by which the Kingdom Family is known, called, or spoken of freeing all from the power of past covenants becoming greater in number producing again an art, craft, or science causing the Children of Peace to begin life destined to produce a better position in life and social status for themselves.

Coming into life arising from nature bringing forth as a means of sustaining life distinguishing qualities passed from parents to children by means of genes to acquire worldly knowledge of natural ability as a personality trait inclined toward purpose, persons of a higher grade resulting from the head member of the family beginning his life anew with the intention of improving the family’s way, his new station in life strong becoming dependable.

Life, Peace and Love

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