Treasure House


Kingdom Family Treasure House, a business membership in association with any human being, dealing with money and credit having means sufficient to pay all debts and not bound by restrictions or regulations. Endowed with authority, acting for a corporation evident by an official document firmly established by long continuance. A certificate authorizing performance of unrestricted liberty of action, individual liberty from a troublesome state of affairs especially financial embarrassment.

Carry out an idea kept before the mind a natural performance of one's own business. Specify a specific purpose and carry through to completion absolutely confident, free from worry and not hindered by burdens or debts, grow and fare well prosperously. A formal request address to the person in authority asking for protection against operating at a loss or owing money. Undergo change set in purpose, take the first step and keep going. Advance toward completion, stand up and rise to a higher more desirable condition without falling short of success and without delay.

An accumulating store serving again, distribution of any means necessary with no wasted effort, instituting and carrying forward a desire for the well-being of others. A business or skill handicraft employ taking the first steps, began, continuous activity moving or facing a purpose. The means of subsistence necessary to the efficient prosecution of any specific purpose this agreement to pay a Bill of Exchange. A weight that balances having a fixed purpose, supplying fully with what all request and look for, as an urgent or essential need. Good news, encouraging, strengthening or supporting receiving from authority stretching forth God's hand jurisdiction independent and free granting special authorization, establishing a family of all people.

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