Treasure House

The Music of Life

Musical scores exercising foresight and destine for a purpose listen to and be informed of good news, attend concerts responding and attaching to a mutual sharing of thoughts and feelings with God, becoming aware of service freely rendered, good will and favor. Pleasing sounds with grace notes connecting larger bodies directing the attention and entertaining a hearer pressing and squeezing out emotional distress.

Change position directing and guiding by performing a piece of music, as a musical instrument the heart expressing and displaying overpowering feelings giving off daily clear and flowing sounds preserving and restoring health treating malfunctions in living beings.

A lesser light by a single effort stimulating and inspiring, awakening from slumber, and causing a sudden wave of tingling excitement. Musical works expressing love, warmhearted lively tones carrying a thrillingly exciting and magnetic perceptible general course indicating possibility, power, and liberty.

Constantly in use producing and evoking a freshness of imagination and setting off the liberation of expression, doing work and overcoming inertia causing a strong impulse to perform longer conceiving a love for the Kingdom Family.

A definite position set to music as the call of a person releasing a distinctive vocal sound, the cry of a living mind having a voice in affairs by which thoughts, desires, longings and purpose is expressed producing musical compositions for more voices. Expressing personal and inner feelings meant to be sung insisting on a change of policy and new course of action. Withstanding criticism and analysis confronting courageously causing to turn facing defiantly a lie with the truth, a platform upon which the Kingdom Family stands.

A single supporting stem of a tree of life showing family descent, a spirit dwelling in truth, reason and honesty setting aglow with happiness, filling with joy, and covering with a color of mingled red and blue between a deep red and bluish purple. Affecting by use and continuous action royal power, the music of Life, Peace and Love rising as a mountain the whole human species, a descriptive name of Peace entitling all to a decorative covering for the head, honor and dignity forever.

Peace and Love

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