Treasure House


Writing and publishing in the Kingdom Family Treasure House promises solemnly assistance, gives what is due for debts, and transfers from the senior member of the family to all of society everything written and expressed in the Doctrine of Peace granting certain rights and privileges to all the Family of God.

Seek and attain profit, develop an increase and gain an advantage as a commercial enterprise, a partnership of two or more persons conducting business, an establishment for the manufacture or assembly of goods, or a place where merchandise of any kind is kept for sale. A call to a certain career occupying oneself in an undertaking for money, an immediate business carrying out in action looking forward to as certain and seemingly about to happen.

A probable set of circumstances apparently true, trustworthy and believable giving promise of an urgent and essential use for something absolutely needed being of such a nature that it must exist or occur, cannot be avoided or prevented from happening, and cannot be denied.

Insist upon a position or situation of employment doing for the public good and private profit, undertaking the special duties or actions required remaining worthy of an agreement to pay a Bill of Exchange.

A skilled worker keeping up active strength, physical and mental, vital and natural power conducive to health and indicative of a sound condition. Force of intellect, moral power and style having the ability to create potential capacity conceiving concepts that are immortal embodying a special power producing activity and energy. Full of life continuing to be in a peaceful and restful place, safe sheltered in a haven dwelling for a considerable time making one's home.

Persistent employment for a special use an inward urge calling to and fitness for an enterprise, promote development, maintaining and supporting oneself on money received unswerving in purpose and intention.

A group of human beings acting as one body living in peace enjoying a varied and satisfying life. Abounding in life in return for physical or manual work done in economic production, a useful product of labor giving back receiving from the Father title and possession of oneself, improving and developing through study and effort, God's land and property holding land and owning wealth.

Peace and Love

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