Treasure House


The formal announcement of a final arrangement, an adjustment of affairs putting in order and setting to rights, establishing in a permanent occupation and home a portion of the body. The territory, people and state a unique, exceptional, and beloved service, special purpose and use, a sovereign extensive piece of landed property and the residences built on it, the spiritual dominion of God under human beings.

A governing body not subject to the authority of another and not dependent on or part of some larger group or system managing it's own affairs not influence or guided by others. Personal liberty released from burdens, debts, and discomforts having an estate in land consisting in land, a territory controlled by a community united to form one sovereign United States.

An extended area of rural places reserved for a special use and occupancy abiding in a place in connection with one's official work the people with administrative powers. A particular portion relating to surroundings within South Fork, Colorado set off for administrative purposes outside cities and towns newly inhabiting and dwelling in by those who live and labor there under the control of the Father.

Chosen people of the same occupation forming a community named, selected, and ordained by decree to act in an administrative capacity, the official governing body of the Kingdom of God.

A body engaging in services providing livelihood for the children of God in return for an equivalent reward, officials obedient and capable of performing attending as servants administering an attribute of God to the Kingdom Family.

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