Treasure House

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The Son of God is a living mind perceiving and comprehending meaning, active power by which one come to know purpose bringing in from the Father guidance leading and directing to a place set for a journey's end, control maintained to secure accuracy and honesty actuated by obedience.

An intelligent person detailed to and appropriated for a specific service and occasion conspicuous in position, character, and importance bringing widespread and illustrious reputation, celebrity and fame, public estimation speaking of widely, a credit to one's family, the right hand side.

Of superior birth designed for and suited to a particular operation and use and invested with a new office, the spring from which a stream of water proceeds issuing from the earth the origin and source of everything. A person writing from which information is obtained transmissible directly from Father to Son distinguishing Harold L. Chapman as the true principle and power accomplishing and bringing to completion a book of instruction, conducting business upon and within the body.

Place the Family of God in a section of South Fork, Colorado exact in every detail as said of God in the Doctrine of Peace to live and carry on life in the garden of South Fork. Furnish the means of supporting and maintaining the family's existence without limitation or restrictions, absolute approval given by God to work in a garden.

Produce the worth in money first filling and covering the source of a river, one justly responsible and answerable for a group of persons involved in the Kingdom Family Treasure House petitioning in behalf of others settling and reconciling by intervening as peacemakers.

Support by an indeterminate amount of money a sizable grouping of people relying and depending on for certain work, freedom and power to make one's own judgments, use great care wise in the ways and affairs of the world exercising sound judgment having secret knowledge seeing and knowing in advance.

Peace and Love

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