Treasure House

The Business of Banking


Assume the responsibilities and duties undertaking to deal with the only thing that really matters, the essential thing, happiness designed for and suited to the accomplishment of purpose. The proficiency and technical ability of one who earns his living by manual labor performing an operation by hands, the material wealth of a community the working class used chiefly in manual work for the public, services in return for payment.

Carry out by the authority of the Treasure House a definite single piece of work done for happiness and prosperity, joining the Kingdom Familyís new effort an organization having no government agency improving the social and economic condition of all.

A business engaged in guiding the operation, performance, and the power of achieving, the wealth of the United States of America skill and expertness in working with the hands, manual skill, buying and selling commodities for profit by retail stores and shops, people following a particular calling.

A family relationship suggesting a formal agreement, an application combining capital and labor for conducting business, an institution granting the use of money making available for aid and support adapting to a specific purpose. Gathering donations setting aside for use reserving to meet emergent demands providing protection against loss incurring the risk on the outcome of an opportunity.

An applicant protected by a guarantee obtaining money readily available held by the Treasure House engaging in the custody, care, and keeping of the Kingdom Family. A firmís customers depositing in a bank, doing business as a bank, committing and using money and capital for the purchase of property and securities.

A business using money investing the total amount in the production of more wealth, the exchangeable or market value a financial right, claim, and shares, ownership and use of the Kingdom Family Treasure House in a particular business in return for services rendered.

Harold L. Chapman

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